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2534 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

The Zadok Art Gallery is permanmently closed
Located in the heart of Miami's vibrant Wynwood arts district, Zadok Gallery was an international leader in the presentation and sale of innovative contemporary art.

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Mission Statement
Zadok Art Gallery

Zadok Art Gallery’s (ZAG) mission is to serve as the central location for established and emerging artists and collectors who value contemporary art as a creative expression of humanity’s diversity and experiences.

ZAG provides a direct connection to both primary and secondary Modern Art Markets.


Zadok Art Gallery makes its unique multipurpose exhibition and installation space available as a pop up and event venue to private, public, non-profit organizations and to individuals for a convertibility functioning space.   ZAG offers 17,500 square feet to accommodate up to 700 guests with 20 foot ceilings, a two level atrium and 12 halls in which to delight your guests.
ZAG presents a fusion of the contemporary artists from Asia, Europe, USA, South America, Middle East and also the Pop Masters of the 60’s and 80’s.
A creative and artistic alternative event venue in a, thoroughly modern art space surrounded by art work by modern art masters and emerging artists provides the high energy and dynamic framework for your event’s resounding success.

To request an on-site tour of ZAGallery, please contact our Events Coordinator at 305-255-3030 or e-mail:

Featured Artist

  • Fondo, 2010
  • Karim Ghidinelli

    Solo Exhibit 
    March - June 2010

  • Oh Rose!, 2006
  • Zhang Donghong

    Permanent Chinese Group Show

  • Flower of Happiness
  • Shi Lifeng

    Permanent Chinese Group Show

  • Great Hall of People B, 2001
  • Lu Hao

    Permanent Chinese Group Show

  • The Window onto My Silence has Opened with a Perfume of Light, 2009
  • Luca Artioli

    Minimalism in the Line 
    Group Show 
    March - April 2010

  • Ark 2, 2005
  • Li Hui

    Permanent Chinese Group Show

  • 22,5 [4], 2009
  • Jean-Pierre Morin

    Under the Maple 
    Canadian Group Show 
    April 1 - June 30 2010

  • Series G3, 2006
  • Feng Zhengjie



News / Press Releases

Located in the heart of Miami’s vibrant Wynwood arts district, Zadok Gallery is an international leader in the presentation and sale of innovative contemporary art. 

One of the largest and most impressive galleries in the Wynwood and Design District neighborhoods of Miami, Zadok gallery is an ideal location for events of all types. The physical space of the gallery is incredible, with 12,500 square feet of gallery space spread out over two levels. The interior space of the gallery can hold over 900 guests at one time. There are six individual gallery spaces within our building and each room is a different size and has different attributes, offering a variety of solutions for your event needs. Most notably, one room has soaring 28-foot ceilings and a flood of natural light with an overlook from a 3,000 square foot mezzanine. When you choose Zadok Gallery as a venue, your event will be surrounded by cutting edge contemporary artwork from around the globe. 

Zadok Gallery has hosted corporate, private and charitable clients for a wide variety of events including tradeshows, fund raisers, political functions, press and media events, product launches, wine tastings, private parties, educational events, film/photo/broadcast production, private dinners, editorial and catalog shoots, castings, art openings, focus group testing, and birthdays. 

At Zadok Gallery we know that the success of your event is not assured by the quality of the venue alone. Our experienced staff can assist in all aspects of event and party planning and can recommend any and all vendors and suppliers. One of the unique features we offer is the option of programmed content. This includes gallery tours, introduction to art collecting, investment seminars for new art collectors, and presentations by artists, curators, authors, and art critics. We can create a custom presentation for any group and tailor the content to engage your guests completely.

The building is located less than a half a mile from interstate highway I-95 and within 15 minutes of Brickell, Downtown, Aventura, Miami International Airport, South Beach, and the Design District. The property has limited parking for VIP and support staff vehicles in a private lot and street parking is plentiful throughout Wynwood. In addition, we work closely with numerous valet services that can considerably increase the number of vehicles that we can manage for a large event. The gallery has multiple entrances, handicap accessible ramps/lifts, an outdoor garden space, and multiple restrooms. 



Zadok Gallery: A New Space for the Arts in Wynwood


By Denise Colson

Zadok Art Gallery (ZAG) opened its doors in Miami’s Wynwood Art District on March 1 of this year with an ambitious schedule of exhibitions. It promises to present the South Florida community with an excellent selection of artists dating from the post-World War II era to the present day.

The gallery, which occupies a space of 17500 square feet, was founded by Miriam and Dror Zadok and aims to bring to South Florida many of the most internationally renowned artists of Asia, Europe and the Americas. It seeks to exhibit works with political and social content that invite the spectator to establish a rewarding dialogue with contemporary artistic production.

This new project realizes the Zadoks’ dream of founding an art gallery. Forty years ago, this New York couple decided to establish residency in Miami. Since then, they have generated various businesses, notably Perfume International, a company focused on the import and export of designer fragrances. For the past fifteen years, the Zadoks have successfully expanded into commercial real estate. As philanthropists as well as collectors, they have for decades actively collaborated with numerous South Florida charitable foundations. Their new gallery will be pleased to welcome philanthropic initiatives centered on fostering awareness of charitable causes and fund-raising efforts.

The gallery opened with four exhibitions: the group shows “Minimalism in the Line” and “Chasing Flames,” as well as the solo exhibitions of Tomáš Loewy and Karim Ghidinelli.  ”Minimalism in the Line” assembles the works of Luca Artioli, Stephen Gamson and YOM. These three artists work with very different techniques, materials and resources, but they share similar aesthetic bases sustained by the minimalist movement. Mies Van der Rohe’s iconic phrase “Less is More” guides the work of these creators. First, we find the Italian Luca Artioli and his ArtDECOnstruction series, photographs in which Miami Beach’s art deco architecture is the great protagonist. Artioli plays with light, which allows him to display building details that he then amplifies until their contours become blurred. This results in work of simple and singular beauty. Stephen Gamson, for his part, derives inspiration from graphic design, while the sculptor YOM revolutionizes contemporary sculpture with his refined shapes.

Twenty-five of today’s most prominent Chinese artists have been assembled in “Chasing Flames,” notably: Liu Bolin, Zhao Bo, Maleonn, Feng Zhengjie, Zhang Dali and Lu Hao. The works of these artists demonstrate how Chinese art has become integrated into contemporaneity after decades of isolation during the most radical stage of China’s communist dictatorship.

In contrast, the solo exhibitions of Karim Ghidinelli and Tomáš Loewy allow us to glimpse the work of these creators. Loewy presents infinite combinations of images that he captures with his own camera or takes from broadcast media, creating scenarios reminiscent of sci-fi movies.  Ghidinelli surprises us with an oeuvre that delves into identity and the permanence of traces we leave behind on our journey through this world. He engraves metal plates and prints out enormous fingerprints to which he applies pigments. He randomly combines the fingerprint images with his own texts or those borrowed from other people, indelible evidence of the boundless wandering of the human being.

In conjunction with its endeavor to promote, nurture and commercialize the career of young artists, Zadok Gallery also ventures into the secondary market through its relationship with an extensive network of art brokers, galleries and collectors. Furthermore, it plans to incorporate an educational component into its activities. Soon it will initiate a program of talks, christened ZAGtalks, in which artists, art consultants, art brokers, curators and collectors will be invited to discuss the behavior of the art market, trends in collecting, and the creative process of many of its artists. These presentations will take place during the recently inaugurated “Last Thursday Walks.”

Zadok Art Gallery plans an ambitious calendar of exhibitions for the remainder of the year. This will furnish the Wynwood Art District with two important ingredients: excellence and cultural diversity.

Denise Colson is a freelance art critic based in Miami, FL


AN ASIDE: Just loved this new gallery and was disappointed when it closed. The opening show was outstanding. I just took my new chic round eyeglasses off my face and just gazed at the works of art. These contemporary artists, I am referring to the ”Minimalism in the Line” exhibit and particularly Luca Artiol is truly an artist, poet and photographer. His shimmering photographs at certasinly memorable. When I first saw his work at the show I had on my reading glasses and as I glanced up from what I was reading to look I was taken aback. I thought the vibrating light from his photographs were caused by my glasses. But upon removing them, voila, it was not me at all. My partner had no idea what caused my gasp of delight at seeing Serenissama Dreaming Exhibition for the first time.

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Secondary Market

Zadok Art Gallery works with an international network of art brokers, galleries and collectors to locate and authenticate any sought after piece that is not available on the primary market.

If you are seeking a sold-out or a difficult to locate piece, please contact us, we are dedicated to offering a reputable service in helping you find any artist’s work you seek to acquire.

Please inquire about an artist's work available at ZAG.