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Mission Statement

Zadok Art Gallery

Zadok Art Gallery’s (ZAG) mission is to serve as the central location for established and emerging artists 
and collectors who value contemporary art as a creative expression of humanity’s diversity and experiences.

ZAG provides a direct connection to both primary and secondary Modern Art Markets.



Featured Artist

  • Fondo, 2010Karim Ghidinelli

    Solo Exhibit 
    March - June 2010

  • Oh Rose!, 2006Zhang Donghong

    Permanent Chinese Group Show

  • Flower of HappinessShi Lifeng

    Permanent Chinese Group Show

  • Great Hall of People B, 2001Lu Hao

    Permanent Chinese Group Show

  • The Window onto My Silence has Opened with a Perfume of Light, 2009Luca Artioli

    Minimalism in the Line 
    Group Show 
    March - April 2010

  • Ark 2, 2005Li Hui

    Permanent Chinese Group Show

  • 22,5 [4], 2009Jean-Pierre Morin

    Under the Maple 
    Canadian Group Show 
    April 1 - June 30 2010

  • Series G3, 2006Feng Zhengjie



Zadok Art Gallery makes its unique multipurpose exhibition and installation space available as a pop up and event venue to private, public, non-profit organizations and to individuals for a convertibility functioning space.   ZAG offers 17,500 square feet to accommodate up to 700 guests with 20 foot ceilings, a two level atrium and 12 halls in which to delight your guests.
ZAG presents a fusion of the contemporary artists from Asia, Europe, USA, South America, Middle East and also the Pop Masters of the 60’s and 80’s.
A creative and artistic alternative event venue in a, thoroughly modern art space surrounded by art work by modern art masters and emerging artists provides the high energy and dynamic framework for your event’s resounding success.

To request an on-site tour of ZAGallery, please contact our Events Coordinator at 305-255-3030 or e-mail: events@zagallery.com



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Secondary Market

Zadok Art Gallery works with an international network of art brokers, galleries and collectors to locate and authenticate any sought after piece that is not available on the primary market.

If you are seeking a sold-out or a difficult to locate piece, please contact us, we are dedicated to offering a reputable service in helping you find any artist’s work you seek to acquire.

Please inquire about an artist's work available at ZAG.